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BE-EDGE Partnership is a strategic partnership that equips businesses, educators, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and coaches with a range of instruments and services designed to align personal strategies and investments with professional goals and business strategies.

Our game-changing approach to talent acquisition sets us apart, and we’re confident that our BE-EDGE method and instruments will help you achieve your goals and take your organization to the next level. Join forces with BE-EDGE Partnership today!

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BE-EDGE's Potential Partners

BE-EDGE  equips educators with a flexible and feasible set of tools to integrate the academic process into students’ investments in their personal strategy for employability.


We offer a range of options, customized on the needs and situation in your college. Colleges apply BE-EDGE into an existing practice or create a new program with us.


A customized approach in crafting an edge package for each college lets them succeed in their own goals and matrixes for graduates’ employability and employer engagement. Please read more for a list of options, currently accepted by colleges. Use one of them or we will create your own.

BE-EDGE attracts employers’ attention to the fact that multidimensional, innovative, and hungry-for-a-chance talents are right there. These are Millennials, driven by the search for meaning, educated immigrants, rich in out-of-box thinking, or career changers, empowered with cross-industry experiences.


BE-EDGE platforms can connect employers with these people, knowing that they have already selected the company as “my dream employer,” and now are willing to utilize their multidimensional skillset for solving a company challenge.


BE-EDGE takes care of the methodology, tools, and platforms to let these talents and employers connect at personal, social, and professional levels of shared core, trust, value, and shared joy, and synchronize their growth strategies.

BE-EDGE believes that social entrepreneurs can drive positive social change and create a better world. To support these entrepreneurs, we invite them to develop their own community and mission awareness. By doing so, social entrepreneurs can gain a deeper understanding of their goals and develop strategies to achieve them.


BE-EDGE offers a platform for social entrepreneurs to organize their “Consult-a-thons”. To participate, social entrepreneurs must define who their case clients and case consultants are, and what topic or theme should they focus on.


At BE-EDGE, we understand the unique challenges faced by social entrepreneurs and are committed to providing the resources and support they need to succeed. BE-EDGE  Consult-a-thon is just one of the many ways in which we support social entrepreneurs and help them achieve their objectives.

BE-EDGE talent consultancy helps you navigate your way across the global talent pool. Where you used to see a challenge, now see an opportunity for connectivity and mutual problem-solving.


Our thorough program touches base on cognitive and emotional connection-building opportunities between Case Consultants (talents outside or within your organization) and Case Clients (You i.e. a non-profit organization or government agency).


Through the BE-EDGE method and platforms, we link up with talents you actually care about and achieve amazing things together for societal betterment, creating “unlikely partners”. Some partners we value are communities and neighbors, immigrants and small businesses, and professionals and companies navigating career transitions.

Incorporating BE-EDGE tools and platforms into coaching practice brings it to the next level.  It strengthens the “strategy” aspect of coaching work with clients on their investment themselves and on their empowerment with employability freedom.


It equips coaches’ work with a comprehensive methodology and ready-to-use instruments of assessment and coaching for clients’ approach to make their personal strategy of crafting their core, their social strategy of connecting with others,  their professional strategy of setting a scope of generated value, and their impression strategy of influence.


BE-EDGE provides coaches with Consult-a-thon and BeEDGE Club platforms, so their clients can practice in various professional roles.

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