Interview on the E-D-G-E steps for

US Army War College/ National Security Seminar

Keynote speech for ISE Conference

Crafting Employability of Global Talents

The Personal Strategy of “BE” – Built-in, Boutique Employability


The Lifehack Show: “Standing Out in Today’s Job Market” with Dr. Julia Ivy

Emerald Publishing Group: “The Future of Work” Podcast Series

Tell Me Your Story Podcast

Central Valley Business Times Podcast

A New Direction Podcast

KPOV Open Air. Dawn Newton with Julia Ivy

LA Talk Radio “Get Yourself the Job” Jennifer Hill with a Guest Julia Ivy

“Secrets of Success” Radio Show Bill Horan talks with Julia Ivy

Conversations for Synchronization

Conversations for Synchronization is a joint project between Dr. Julia Ivy and Jennifer K. Hill striving to address the opportunities for synchronization for different groups, be it neighborhoods, military veterans, women, retirees and millennials.

Awake TV Network

Julia Ivy on Synchronizing Personal and Organizational Strategies through BE-EDGE.

Client Feedback

BE-EDGE Chronicles

Getting Ready for the “Make Your Case” Competition

Lecture #1

Elucidating a multidimensional CORE –> Finding YOUR Company for YOUR Case

Lecture # 2

Developing TRUST with a Company Case

Lecture #3

Generating VALUE with a Consulting Report

Lecture # 4

Exciting the INDUSTRY. Getting Ready for Employers’ Feedback

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