2023  BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon:

Northeastern University 

Investing in Students’ Employability through Impact-Driven Consulting Cases

JUNE 2-4 & 9-11, 2023 | Boston



It’s essential for graduates to stand out in today’s overcrowded job market. Employers are looking for standout employability, and it can be challenging for equally qualified graduates to differentiate themselves. Fortunately, Northeastern University students have access to a unique opportunity to invest in their employability with BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon, method, instrument, and platform provided by Dr. Julia Ivy.

Through this fun, fast-paced, and hackathon-style course, students develop a four-step method to serve as Case Consultants for organizations that align with their vision and goals. This experience incorporates storytelling and case writing based on market and industry analysis, stakeholder management, resource-based views on organizational strategy, and problem-solving and strategy execution.

Students can position themselves as problem-solvers and consultants, making them highly desirable to potential employers. By employing the instrument of Consulting Cases, they can signal their ability to align with organizations of their choice at several levels, further enhancing their employability. This method is a valuable investment in the future of Northeastern University students, equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

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    The Transformative BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon Experience

    What can students get from this?

    Making an Impact

    Students receive first-hand experience in making an impact at the strategic level of company operation: revealing a challenge, conducting field research, creating a company case, and conducting design thinking for solving the company’s challenge.

    Investing In Their Professional Portfolio

    Students perform a Consulting Case for a business relevant to their interests, learn new things about the industry and market, explore social entrepreneurship, and craft the edge of their personal strategy.

    Getting Ready for Professional Interviews

    Students receive a ready-to-present portfolio piece presented by a recommendation letter and a ready-to-share communication pitch for sharing their case consult experience.

    What can Universities get from this?

    Enhancing the Employability of the Students

    Universities can equip their students with the skills and experience they need to stand out in a crowded job market. Students who participate can develop their problem-solving, communication, and consulting skills, making them highly desirable to potential employers.

    Building Relationships with Organizations

     In this program, students are required to work with organizations, which can help universities build strong relationships with specific organizations. These relationships can lead to future partnerships and collaborations, which can benefit both the university and the organization.

    Raising the Profile of the University

    By offering innovative and unique programs like the BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon, universities can increase their visibility and reputation. This can attract more students, faculty, and funding to the university, ultimately benefiting the entire institution.

    Meet our Case Clients

    Meet our Case Consultants

    Team Community Organizing Alliance

    Derek Ricketts, Sidhant Sharma, and Tatiana Ramos


    Team Operation Made

    Lauren Pamas, Ivan Voitko, and Natalia Sautier

    Team We Grow Microgreens

    Audrey Michael, Vishva Prajapati, and John Chang

    Meet our Case Mentors

    Ryan Lee

    Ryan Lee

    Principal at Comcast Ventures. Ryan and his team source, perform due diligence, and assist in the underwriting for Comcast Ventures, a 20+-year-old corporate venture capital fund supporting innovative companies across the spectrum of consumer and enterprise. Ryan’s team writes checks from $500K to $7.5M and can lead, co-lead, or follow on in seed through Series B investment rounds.

    Nigel Jacob

    Civic Innovation. Nigel Jacob is the Co-founder of the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, a civic innovation incubator and R&D Lab within Boston’s City Hall. Nigel’s work is about improving urban life through innovative, people-oriented technology and design applications. He remains engaged with the team in Boston and a partner in exploring new approaches to city government.


    Niland Mortimer

    Niland Mortimer is an international marketing and branding consultant who has spent decades leading iconic brands and advertising agencies across the globe. Professor Mortimer has led global advertising for brands ranging from HP, P&G, and Danone to Neutrogena, RoC, Fujitsu, and Philips. Niland was a president of Wunderman San Francisco, and earlier spent eighteen years with Doyle Dane Bernbach. Managed offices and global accounts in New York, Barcelona, Singapore, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Paris.

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    Here's What Other Edge-crafters Are Saying

    “This experience fits right in with my career direction given its operational nature and my soon-to-be entry into the consulting world.”

    Grace, 2022 IMPACT Consult-a-thon: Northeastern University Case Consultant, “Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority” Case

    “This project reinforced my passion in consulting in small businesses and new ventures. It served as a stepping stone for my personal and professional interests, and I am excited to keep learning from others and be a lifelong learner myself!”

    Jiabao, 2022 IMPACT Consult-a-thon: Northeastern University Case Consultant, “Drink Simple” Case

    “Fashion Revolution USA’s challenge around how to increase fundraising for GenZ and Millennials is interesting and will also give me an opportunity to try out consulting, a potential career I see for myself in the future.”

    Amanda, 2022 IMPACT Consult-a-thon: Northeastern University Case Consultant, “Fashion Revolution” Case

    “The process of learning the operations and hearing the struggles of Drink Simple prompted me to better assess my go to market strategy and business model with my future business.”

    Lando, 2022 IMPACT Consult-a-thon: Northeastern University Case Consultant, “Drink Simple” Case

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