Embark a Journey of Diversity and Inclusion

Make unexpected connections with extraordinary global talents.

Be-Edge Global Talent Consultancy: Leave Your Mark on Society and The Community

Craft your edge and pave your way to social impact fueled by diversity and inclusion. BE-EDGE talent consultancy helps you navigate your way across the global talent pool. Where you used to see a challenge, now see an opportunity for connectivity and mutual problem-solving. Link up with partners you actually care about and achieve amazing things together for societal betterment.


Create a Stronger Social Impact

Diversify your base and attract a pool of unlikely connections who align with your organization’s goals, mission, and vision. See the positive side of talent inclusivity and boost your presence via connection-building. Identify and register targeted individuals from various life fronts, communities, and cultures for your next challenge.

Be Known for Your Mission

Solidify your mission and vision geared towards creating a significant social impact. Sync your organization with diverse talent, form invaluable new connections and gain positive word-of-mouth for your organization’s mission.

Raise More Resources

Become the center of attention at fundraisers with your extensive connections in diverse communities. Improve your fundraising, talent acquisition, and growth capabilities by energizing diversity and inclusion at your organization.

Book a BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon™ for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon™ is a full-scope talent consultancy designed to navigate the problems non-profit organizations and government agencies face. Our thorough program touches base on cognitive and emotional connection-building opportunities between Case Consultants (talents outside or within your organization) and Case Clients (You i.e. a non-profit organization or government agency).

Envision New Avenues of Connection Building

Explore new opportunities for diversity and inclusion, find talent, connect with individuals that align with your mission, and embrace a sense of togetherness in your non-profit organization.

Explore diversity and inclusion opportunities.
Connect with core talents.
Implement your vision.
Be known for your cause.

Strengthen your social impact as our BE-EDGE Partner

Communities & Neighborhoods

Immigrants and Small Businesses

Professionals and Companies Navigating Career Transitions

Connections Leading to Successful Stories

“The team we have as consultants brought dimensions of creativity within their category of involvement and expertise. As we are still working with the group, they continue to ask questions that both help to share more considerations for our organizations next steps and helps us learn ways we can also better communicate our organization’s needs.”

–  Kathleen Grevers, Fashion Revolution


Let's come together and make a positive impact on our society.

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