Meet Dr. Julia Ivy

Julia Ivy is a thought leader who first developed the concept of “Boutique Employability as a Competitive Strategy”. She passionately believes that we must better assist well-educated people who face the “What’s next?” challenge. 

As an immigrant herself, she had to make choices about how to enter new territory, and how to do it right. She did her Ph.D. in psychology on how we make choices to crack a formula, and her Ph.D. in strategy on how to navigate the crowd that doesn’t trust who we are.

Dr. Julia Ivy - Creator of Professional Personal Strategy Course

A Look at the Mark She Left

For the people

As a global talent with experience in various countries, Julia Ivy believes that embracing a global perspective can make one even more unique. By leveraging one’s own background and incorporating innovative ideas from different cultures, we can bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to the table.

For the companies

With years of experience working alongside executives and leading executive teams, Julia is well-versed in the language and needs of these key players. But her true passion lies in bringing employees and companies together in a unique and harmonious way, breaking away from traditional siloed approaches. She believes that every employee has valuable expertise to offer and is dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable environment where everyone can come together to tackle challenges as a united team. Julia’s innovative approach is sure to bring new and exciting opportunities for growth for both employees and companies alike.

For the society

Bringing communities together to solve the challenges of society can be an incredibly rewarding and empowering experience. By coming together and working as one, we can create a sense of collective responsibility and achieve more than we ever could alone. By encouraging “unlikely partnerships” between different segments of the community, we can tap into the unique strengths and perspectives of individuals and groups, and create innovative solutions that drive real change. Whether it’s working with local businesses, non-profits, or government agencies, we can build bridges between different segments of the community and create a sense of shared purpose. Together, we can make our communities stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.


A New Way of Thinking

Learn how to synchronize between the company and talents.


Make the core of the company and the passions of people connected.

New Ideas

Discover ways on how each of us and we as an organization can contribute to an inclusive society.


Boutique Employability as a Competitive Strategy

When you enter an organization, you need to find a new competitive advantage in your uniqueness and your multidimensional background. Learn the ability to synchronize with the challenges of the organization.

Powers of Skilled Immigrants: Crafting Your EDGE instead of Chasing a Job

Unlike local talents, skilled immigrants are multidimensional in each of four capitals- personal, social, professional, and impression. Instead of trying to blend in a new market and just become “one of them”, these skilled immigrants should play their card as a boutique talent, because they are multidimensional with a unique background. 

Synchronizing Unlikely Partners for Equity and Inclusiveness

Imagine if nonprofit organization and government agencies could meet people to explore new opportunities through diversity and inclusion. It becomes a powerful contribution in the culture of “us, together” within the community.

Turn to Multidimensional Employees for Identifying New Business Models

Most corporations and businesses follow the traditional task allocation for their employees, but with the help of Dr. Julia Ivy’s innovative approach, employees can discover totally different dimensions of themselves, which provides companies with unexpected innovation. 

Mobilizing Edgy Expertise in Times of Market Disruption

Any enterprise goes through disruptive times, Dr. Julia Ivy provides a process on how to combine your organization and provide a solution for the company.


Experience the expert insights and dynamic delivery of Professor Julia Ivy in her Keynote Speech as she shares her expertise in International Business and Strategy. 


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