Choosing the right career can be very confusing and challenging and that is why we are always open to discuss and to help you decide where your multidimensional talents fit.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the entire spectrum of your talents. Discover what you feel passionate about. Even talents that do not seem to fit into your employability. They are what makes you multidimensional.

Think about the incomes. You need to decide how important the money is to you and how much you are willing to give on your career growth. And of course, make sure that you try our BE-EDGE technique for showing off your capabilities in the best light. BE-EDGE offers a selection of tools and courses that allow international talents, like you, to build relationships with local employers of choice and offers customizable plans to help you in your career journey. 

Once you’ve gone through our tools and platforms, and you’re considering to officially start your BE-EDGE journey, before anything else, we want you to take our Boutique Employability assessment. This short assessment will help you learn whether BE-EDGE is for you. Don’t worry, it’s free!

BE-EDGE Tools & Platforms

INSTITUTE for learning

There are two BE-EDGE tools currently available in BE-EDGE Institute  – Strategies Assessments and BE-EDGE Training & Coaching. Unlike the multiple available “self-development” products, these are sophisticated and rigorous.

PLATFORMS for practicing

While sharing her methods in book readings, podcasts, keynote speeches, lectures, and workshops, Dr. Ivy repeatedly received a question about where people could join the community of edge-crafters if they were not Dr. Ivy’s students. To provide talents from around the world with a platform where they can connect with businesses, BE-EDGE has launched two platforms —  BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon and Becoming EDGE Club.

Finding out individual strategies



Empowering human capital & gaining local case experience



Making your consultant case



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