Attract, Connect, & Synchronize

with Talents that Care

Connect with a group of global talents who care about your company and the challenges it faces.

Let them synchronize with your company using our proven BE-EDGE strategies.

Attract them as life-long supporters for your mission and practices. 

BE-EDGE for businesses in a nutshell

Crafted by Dr. Julia Ivy, the BE-EDGE method is a four-step set of strategies that connects talents and companies at four levels: personal level of CORE, social level of TRUST, professional level of VALUE, and impact level of SHARED JOY. 

Business managers share the challenge that their companies are willing to solve with talents — their current employees or a larger group of edge-craters — those who want to establish their professional edge by solving these challenges and connecting with the company of their choice.

BE-EDGE for business is perfect for:


as challenge providers and and potential partners for global talents


as a hub for solutions, generated by your own employees and job candidates

How can BE-EDGE serve your company?

With the use of the BE-EDGE strategies, your company will be able to find the perfect talents who not only fit right with your job positions, but also with your company’s cultures and ethics.

These boutique talents are what we like to call edge crafters because they are able to craft their edges at the personal, social, and professional levels to work on your company’s challenges while upholding your values, cultures, goals, and strategies.

You can find these edge crafters internally within your company departments or externally from different field professions (e.g., veterans and career changers), schools (e.g., fresh or graduating students), or other companies who want to find a ‘new home’.

Meet managers that trusted challenges of their organizations to BE-EDGE


Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics

Case Client

“I believe this type of event has a great potential to bring businesses and global talents — potential & current residents with expertise in marketing and business strategy together to execute strategies that will make Eastie great.” 

Fashion Revolution USA

Case Client

“The team we have as consultants brought dimensions of creativity within their category of involvement and expertise. As we are still working with the group, they continue to ask questions that both help to share more considerations for our organizations next steps and helps us learn ways we can also better communicate our organization’s needs.”

Eric’s Health Food Shoppe

Case Client

“I enjoyed reading the consulting report that the graduating students in your class worked on for my business.  They did an amazing job detailing the demographics in the area. It was clear that a lot of work went into research, so it was spot on. Additionally, the cultural and economic data was very close. The industry research was well done, particularly its growth trends. The report was well written and the data was clearly represented in graphs.”


Here are some of our frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between internal and external edge crafters?

Internal edge crafters are employees within your company departments. In this case, we will provide the BE-EDGE methodology to your own members of your organization through BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon™.

On the other hand, external edge crafters are talents from different field professions- these talents can be from outside your company or organization but are willing to solve your company’s solution.

How do I know which service is for me?

You have two options: to be a CASE CLIENT or be a BE-EDGE PARTNER. If you choose to be a Case Client, BE-EDGE will be providing talents for your company. However, if you choose to be our Partner, we will work with the internal members of your organization, and we’ll help them become synchronized with your company.

Both options provide BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon™. 

How often do I need this?

You can hold BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon™ for your company either annually or as many times as you want, depending on how many challenges your company wants to be solved.

If you represent a SMALL BUSINESS:

 sign up for the role of Case Client and meet your team of dedicated Case Consultants

If you represent a MID-SIZED BUSINESS:

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