“Rather than fighting an uphill battle to make your value known to hiring executives who often do not match you in gender or age and do not yet trust or understand your multidimensional qualifications, you need to create opportunities to make your case to shape your space.”

– Julia Ivy

Kelsey had to leave her mom in her home country, China, to pursue her dreams in the restaurant industry in America. BE-EDGE has helped her feel empowered; Now she feels that she can make it as a global talent.

Cody felt stuck, surrounded with locked doors. He has dreams of becoming a researcher for the Library of Congress (LoC) someday, so he started crafting his edge and his now on his way to fulfilling his dreams as a global player.

Ada is passionate about bringing her knowledge on how to incorporate fashion in developing clothing products for pets. Not everyone has that kind of dedication for fashion and pets! This is how she crafts her edge.

Aline’s experience of being a project manager allowed her to learn technical skills in that the said role. After taking the Boutique Employability test, she found out that she is Edge-focused, which means she is personally and professionally ready.  Her challenge is, how will she take everything she learned and then go global?

Caroline is currently self-focused, but she wants to be Edge-focused and develop her professional readiness, by which going to abroad will her achieve that goal of hers. She believes that her expertise will help her craft her edge in the global market.

Grace aspires to go global in the next years. Her Boutique Employability analysis says that she is psychologically ready, but not professionally. That’s her challenge now. But she isn’t worried because she has a strategy to make that transition.

Madeline’s educational journey gave her the space to think about her “what’s next?” move. Now, her goal is to build a roadmap on how to achieve her ultimate professional goal and vision. Watch this inspiring video of her sharing her steppingstone on how she can achieve this goal!

Kathreen is interested in becoming a global leader in the hospitality industry someday. But how will she do it? Through personal strategy, of course!

Karan is about to step in the so-called “real world”, and now it’s time to find a job. As a finance major who wants to become an entrepreneur that owns a tailoring boutique, he got a sneak peek of the fashion industry through a consulting experience.

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