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Accomplished Professionals, By Julia Ivy, Edge-crafters, Millennials

BE-EDGE FUNDAMENTALS: Built-in Employability, Boutique Employability, or Both?

By Julia Ivy

In my earlier post on three starting points for personal strategy coaching,  I shared stories of John (a veteran, 47), Tyler (recently graduated Millennial, 22), Dana (approaching graduation Millennial, 21), and David (multidimensional professional, 36) to illustrate that personal strategy coaching must start with the classification of the client’s “what’s next?” dilemma.

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Edge-crafters, Accomplished Professionals, Case Consulting, Gen Z, Millennials

BE-EDGE Institute: A Doorway for your Career Advancements

Are you uncertain about your future career path? Are you worried about how will you take an edge through your competitive portfolio? Are you confused while defining your field or industry?

If you find these questions resonating and you nodded yes on each of these questions, then you surely need to be aware of BE-EDGE Institute and its products. This is where you can get the solutions and answers to all these questions and more of your career-related confusions.

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Plane landing coming back from overseas work
Accomplished Professionals, Case Consulting, Edge-crafters, Millennials

Employing Overseas Experience for My Boutique Employability

By Raul Najera Bahena
May, 2021


An article published by the King’s College of London “Why Overseas Experience is Important” states the reasons why overseas experience can make a difference in your future career- this type of assignments helps you gain a competitive advantage among your peers such as gaining a new perspective, learning a new language, bringing out your adventurous side, taking on a global mind-set and creating a new network from across the globe, among others.

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Accomplished Professionals, Case Consulting, Edge-crafters, Employers, Millennials

Strategic Senior Leaders are Looking to HR Leaders to Bring their Business to the Next Level

By Shana Feggins
May 1, 2021


The Forbes article “Can HR Strategies Create a Competitive Advantage for Your Company?” by Scholley Bubenik echoes the chatter from human resources and other functional leaders that YES “maximizing your human capital is a major contributor to achieving a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Be-Edge crafters like myself need a framework to uncover their core and competitive advantage. Dr. Ivy Be-Edge tool and methodology helped guide my experience of recognizing my personal, social, and professional capital through consulting projects. I was able to answer my own question of how I can be an HR leader for my organization.

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Employability of MBA Graduates in a Post Pandemic World

By Ty Taylor
April 30, 2021


Studies have shown that graduate school applications rise in periods of an economic downturn, and that trend has continued with the Covid pandemic. More specifically, business school in the United States saw double-digit percentage application increases in the fall of 2020, and the top M.B.A. programs managed to reverse “several years of declining demand, according to the nonprofit Graduate Management Admission Council, which tracks hundreds of M.B.A. programs.Read more

Accomplished Professionals, Edge-crafters, Millennials

How to Navigate a Career Change

by Tatsiana Zhalniarkevich


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has never attempted to estimate how often people change careers along their working lives due to the lack of consensus around what exactly is considered a career change. However, it is estimated that people change jobs about six times between ages 18 and 24, two times between ages 25 and 34, three times between ages 35 and 44.

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Accomplished Professionals, Edge-crafters

Technical Professional Branching Into Business? Find Your Blue Ocean

By Tom Backus
April 29, 2021


As referenced in the article “Simplified Strategies in Understanding Personal Strategy of Boutique Employability,” crafting your personal strategy revolves around finding one’s Boutique Employability. This entails positioning yourself as a multidimensional professional that brings something unique to the table and differentiates you from every other jobseeker (Ivy, 2020). But how does one stand apart when they are transitioning between defined technical careers and the wide world of business?

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Accomplished Professionals, By Julia Ivy, Edge-crafters, Educators, Employers, Millennials, Universities

The Role of Social Capital in a Community: 5 Things to Prioritize

December 2021


Considering the analogy of social capital at an individual level; you are always advised that your social circle has a significant influence in your future success in business or career development. On a large scale, the idea transcends to the societal parameters (the network of people and their relationship) that dictate the logistics for community development.

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Accomplished Professionals, Edge-crafters, Educators, Employers, Millennials

2020 New Years’ Resolution: “It’s Time for Your Boutique Employability”

By Julia Ivy

December 26, 2019


At the beginning of December, Ian Thomsen, a journalist, contacted me to schedule an interview about my book “Crafting Your EDGE for Today’s Job Market” — the book that equips Millennials, graduates, and soon-to-be graduates, with an instrument to craft their Boutique Employability while they are still in college doing their capstone projects and internships.  We also discussed that the book would serve accomplished professionals (say, veterans) with a tool for how they can utilize their already accumulated personal, social, and professional capital for self-differentiation in the civilian market. 

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Accomplished Professionals, Edge-crafters, Veterans


By Julia Ivy

November 30, 2019


A simple Google search revealed within seconds that there are around 45,000 veteran organizations in the United States, and many of them are dedicated to assisting veterans with the transition to civilian life. Most of them have veterans on the board who used to face the same “what’s next?” challenge; they have found the way out, so they are eager to help others. On top of this, we have several regulations that encourage businesses and state organizations to hire veterans.

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Accomplished Professionals, By Julia Ivy, Edge-crafters, Millennials

Understanding Your Personal Strategy of Boutique Employability

By Julia Ivy

November 25, 2019


This post talks about understanding the strategy behind the personal strategy, and not just any personal strategy but Personal Strategy for Boutique Employability. First of all, the term Personal Strategy is overused, while not really defined.  While it obviously includes the “strategy” in its definition, it’s frequently used by psychologies to emphasize their message that a person should define and own their own path in life.

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Edge-crafters, Millennials, Veterans

Job Candidates: Role of Community Engagement in High-Trust Environment Building

Differential generation employees, Millennials Job candidates for instance, often suffer from low-self esteem due to a low-trust environment. Community engagement may be a possible solution to curb this issue and others.


As we discussed in another post on my blog, way too often, people from a different generation (say, Millennials) find themselves in a low-trust environment, where they feel invisible and disconnected, and where their value is perceived as depreciated due to their background (gender, age, previous experience. etc.). This is especially true for established industries that are run by older, “classical,” rules. Academia, banking, construction, and healthcare are just a few examples. If you are in such a context, you need mechanisms of selectivity and verification for choosing the right social capital strategy for navigating such a context.

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