2022 'Inclusion' BE-EDGE CONSULT-A-THON™

September 16-18, 2022 (Orientation). September 23-25 & September 30-October 2, 2022 (Event)

For professionals relocated by the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Russian victims of Putin’s and Lukashenko’s regimes, willing to apply their professional experience in American companies, are welcome to apply.

Fear of starting everything from scratch keeps many successful professionals from escaping even unsafe environments.

→ So you’ve accepted this challenge. You’ve come such a long way, and you’ve been through a lot. You are ready to prove your professional worth to American employers, but no one is willing to trust a newbie.

→ You feel frustrated because you cannot move your professional background and social capital from your home country.

Sounds familiar?

We know how you feel.

With that in mind, we created ‘Inclusion’ BE-EDGE CONSULT-A-THON™ as a method, tool, and platform to help you establish your professional presence and build your portfolio in the American market.

What is 'Inclusion' BE-EDGE CONSULT-A-THON™?

A consult-a-thon (a portmanteau of the words consulting & marathon) is an event wherein case consultants collaborate intensively on case clients’ business problems.

‘Inclusion’ BE-EDGE CONSULT-A-THON™ is a weekend-based event that aims to synchronize the competitive strategies of global talents and their potential employers – American companies.

During the event, potential employers - CASE CLIENTS - share a real challenge that the company is currently working on. They are looking for the unique expertise that global talents can bring to the table.
Global talents become CASE CONSULTANTS and collaborate intensively on case clients' business challenges relevant to each own career aspirations.

Who can become CASE CONSULTANTS?

Ukrainians, Belarusians, and Russians meeting the following criteria are welcome to apply:

Higher education and/or comparable professional experience that will help you work on a solution for a real-life challenge.
Legal documented presence in the United States (preferred). In any case, you can start with 'Inclusion' BE-EDGE CONSULT-A-THON™ to be professionally ready for the American market sooner rather than later.
Open to a new experience and willing to apply your unique expertise to solve the challenge of the CASE CLIENT.
Against the war in Ukraine.

What are you, a global talent, going to achieve by participating as a CASE CONSULTANT?

Establish your presence in the American job market
Get professional connections and recommendations; receive a ready-to-present portfolio piece based on a real company in the American market.
Gain first-hand experience in an American business
Try a new role and explore the American market in a safe environment with guidance from professional mentors.
Get confident about your future
Receive professional document templates, career coaching, psychological support, and legal immigration advice.
Build trust
Learn how to connect with the company, market, and industry in a new territory. Meet global talents like yourself, mentors and representatives of American businesses.

What kind of companies can become CASE CLIENTS?

US-based businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations meeting the following criteria are welcome to apply:

Open to new approaches to the company's challenge.
Interested in free consulting as an avenue for learning from diverse approaches of global talents, who got their experience and education abroad.
Ready for 2 meetings with CASE CONSULTANTS (on weekend mornings).
Willing to provide recommendation letters to CASE CONSULTANTS.
Against the war in Ukraine, and willing to help professionals who had to escape their home countries because of Putin's and Lukashenko’s regimes.

What are you, an American business, going to get by participating as a CASE CLIENT?

Have the challenge solved
Get a pathway for solving the challenge that the company currently faces.

(Optionally, have the solution implemented by those who ideated it instead of putting away another consulting project.)

Connect with global talents
Connect personally and professionally with driven and educated people from around the world.

Gain a competitive edge by having access to global talents with experience in emerging economies.

Get a tool for assessment
Get a real-world assessment for global talents.
Make long-term impact
The war is not over. Donating to people who had to flee their home countries is essential now, while the ‘Inclusion’ BE-EDGE CONSULT-A-THON™ is a long-term way to help educated global talents by providing them an opportunity to establish their presence in the American market.

Using the BE-EDGE Method, the CASE CONSULTANTS will traverse through four sections:

E (Elucidate your core)
D (Develop trust)
G (Generate value)
E (Excite stakeholders)
BE (investment in your Boutique Employability)


Each section refers to a different level of synchronization between the strategic goals of global talents and the industry or market of their interest.

Each participant will have their own learning objectives, activities, and deliverables.

How much is it to participate in the 'Inclusion' BE-EDGE CONSULT-A-THON™?

Educated global talents displaced in 2022 because of the war in Ukraine

$ 25

Educated global talents currently working at low-skilled/low-wage jobs or unemployed

$ 250

Educated global talents looking for new opportunities

$ 500
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