Connect and Empower

Diverse Ideas

Under the guidance and teachings of Dr. Julia Ivy, SynchronizeUP is an innovative concept built to bring out and empower the importance of having different opinionated views in the professional world. Through the combination of these ideas, Dr. Ivy believes this approach will bring out the best in people and result in a united success in any professional setting, regardless of industry.


Understanding SynchronizeUP’s Goal for the Future

SynchronizeUP is a non profit organization that aims to lay out a meaningful professional direction for aspiring and competent newcomers.

Each and every path is carved out through the use of SynchronizeUP’s tools and platforms. Driven by the company’s belief that increased diversity within an organization contributes to a better and inclusive economy, SynchronizeUP brings together the hearts and minds of both the people and the organization to ensure that newcomers wouldn’t feel overwhelmed once entering their dream market.

What SynchronizeUP Can Do for You

Beginners and Newcomers

To use existing skillset as an advantage to

stand out in the professional world

Small Local Organizations

To embrace innovative approaches and make use of harmonious

working relationships to stay ahead of the competition

Consult-a-thon™ 2023: BE-EDGE x SynchronizeUP

February 3-5 & 10-12, 2023

Eastern Standard Time (GMT −5)

To emphasize the importance and value of SynchronizeUP’s mission of helping people understand the value of diverse ideas in the professional world, BE-EDGE will be sharing their methodologies with SynchronizeUP as a part of the upcoming Consult-a-thon™ this February 2023.

Unlike Consult-a-thon™’s done in the past, the goal of the next event is to help local organizations carry out the implementation of diversified ideas into their respective industries. As a result, participating individuals and teams can perform an organized transition into the new concept.

Stay tuned for more information and details about the upcoming Consult-a-thon2023!

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  • Professional connections and recommendations
  • Industry mentors
  • Ready-to-present portfolio piece based on a real company in the American market
  • Learn how to write a consulting case


  • Must be an undergrad or MBA student who wants to work in the American market 
  •  It’s completely free! However, you must be willing to commit at least a minimum of 20 hrs., and maximum of _ hrs doing volunteer work for SynchronizedUP based on your preferred role. See available roles. 
  •  Must be able to attend the 2-weekend event
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