Dr. Ivy’s Weekend of Empowerment: Guiding Global Talents in Personal Strategic Positioning

October 24, 2023 

In an eventful weekend, Dr. Ivy, a dedicated educator and researcher, embarked on a journey of knowledge dissemination and empowerment.

Weekend of Empowerment - Strategic Positioning

On Saturday morning, at the prestigious D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, master students received a valuable lesson in personal strategy. The course, titled “Crafting Your Personal Strategy,” aimed to empower these students to position themselves as global talents. The need for clarity in market entry strategic positioning was evident, and the students showed genuine appreciation for the step-by-step guidance provided by Dr. Ivy. The instructor emphasized the importance of assessing one’s personal strategic positioning using the GROWTH-POSITION-EDGE-SELF framework, as detailed in this link (https://lnkd.in/e3NR9fQu). Crafting their market entry action map was another vital aspect of the learning experience.

Later that same Saturday afternoon, Dr. Ivy traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, to address the Association of International Businesses, NE Chapter. The presentation focused on a decade-long action research endeavor, delving into the value and nature of the BE-EDGE ecosystem. This ecosystem was designed to offer global talents a platform, method, and tools to enhance their presence in the market of their next move.

As the weekend unfolded, on Sunday morning, Dr. Ivy collaborated with co-authors Radzivon Marozau and Lev lvovskiy from the BEROC Research Center (https://beroc.org/en/). Together, they presented research findings centered around supporting educated refugees from Belarus and Ukraine. The goal was to empower these individuals in taking control of their market entry strategic positioning in Poland and Lithuania.

In summary, it was an eventful weekend filled with knowledge-sharing and empowerment, as Dr. Ivy touched the lives of students, professionals, and refugees, all on a quest to better understand and navigate the complexities of personal strategic positioning in the global landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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