First Journey in International Business and the Business World

by Aye Myat Kyaw

February 3, 2022


Consulting for a real company was not what I expected to be tasked by my professor Dr. Julia Ivy on the first day of my undergraduate. I have only become a college student by title and being faced with this daunting task, I felt like a child thrown into the deep end to be taught how to swim. To a degree, I knew what the task was: I have run my own small business and worked at a local restaurant helping keep their book, but a consulting case was another task. Likewise, I know what swimming was; I could kick and paddle but to float was a whole other story. However, I was excited. Coming to a school like Northeastern, I wanted to push my abilities and knowledge. For me, the consulting case was one I saw as fruitful in the future, determining that it would be a fantastic learning experience.


The company that I and a group of first-year D’Amore Mc-Kim School of Business students decided to consult for was the Indian Technology Company Biziverse Pvt. Ltd. The decision was based on the fact that everybody in my team was interested in positioning ourselves as upcoming talents in the global market of the technology industry, and also that this company was based outside of the United States. Moreover, as five out of the six of the members of my team were Asian it gave me the advantage to bring perspective.


Learning to Swim

Initially, I had some concerns as I was tasked with the methodology and research. At the beginning of the process, I did not know any data collection methods to find the components my team needed to further the analysis.


Searching for the specific information I wanted required me to do multiple levels of research. As a result, I gained a more profound knowledge of Mauritius and the United States’ political, economic, and cultural situation. Moreover, before coming to college, I had a previous job that used an ERP system (a category of business management software) similar to Biziverse; learning more about the product and the automation industry gave me the precision to understand the industry.


Diving In

In the end, doing this case was one that elevated me professionally since the expectation of my abilities was high, although not impossible. It gave me enough of a push to move me out of my comfort zone, yet simultaneously. Going along with the swimming analogy, I had a lifeguard, which made me feel comfortable in a new situation I had never been put in previously.


The first unique experience was having to think like a consultant rather than taking an intern position. Of course, as a first-year student, I have to screen the ideas with my teammates and my professor, but it gave me the experience and expectation to create a case of my own in the future.


Presenting my case, working with teammates simultaneously while learning International Business concepts has shaped me into a more polished professional. It has opened my eyes to the world of international business and consulting.


The project has given me new skills in my arsenal to aid in my path to understanding and learning more disciples in business. Moreover, I have decided that in the future, there is a chance for me to do a different case study for emerging markets, specific companies from Myanmar, or companies wanting to go into Myanmar. Finally, the project aids in my interest in the intricacies of business decisions and risk analysis.


My biggest takeaway would be an international business strategy and the framework we used to learn and make decisions about the company, market, and the approach we take. As a first-semester student, this project has set me up for success in navigating my future in the business world.


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About the Author:

Aye Myat Kyaw is currently a first-year business administration student at Northeastern University. She is interested in sustainability and intends to pursue a concentration in Supply Chain Management.

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