Your Social Strategy

Your Social Strategy

How do you behave in a new social network?

How do you choose whom to connect with, and what do you do for becoming “one of us’ within this network?  

Is this you?

You are entering a large gathering in a professional event and not sure whom you should approach first to make most of it
You are trying to contribute in a conversation with people you want to connect with, but feel that something doesn't work
You are fine with sharing memorable examples or impressive data, but you are not sure which you should do to pave your path 'in' when talking to new potential interested parties
You are a newcomer in this country or industry. You feel lonely. You need friendship, and you need connections. You want a tool to help you navigate your social life in this new territory

What if you could?

Define how you connect

with stakeholders, and

capitalize on that

Reveal the type of trust

most important for your

professional focus

Own your connections

and build your

social strategy

take your d-test to own your social strategy

Choose between the simple, full or extra results



  • Digital assessment of your personal strategy
  • Result



  • Digital assessment of your personal strategy
  • Result
  • Detailed results pack sent to your inbox
  • Strengths, weaknesses, next steps
  • 2 online training modules to FIND YOUR CASE through social connection
What is your social strategy?

Social strategy is a path for developing connection and trust. Find YOUR path

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