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As an employer, the BE-EDGE framework can help you:

E: Elucidate a Challenge
Look for obstacles or problems that hinder the growth of your business. This will help you get a clear view of what is happening with your business on a wider scale.
D: Develop Connections
You connect with the edge-crafters and share the problems you have found during the ‘Elucidate’ phase.
G: Generate Value
You evaluate the case propositions of the edge-crafters and start recognizing the value that they can bring to your business.
E: Excite and Celebrate
After evaluating the multidimensional assets of these edge-crafters, you give them rewards in the form of job offers, certifications, or references.

If you’re an employer, here’s how we can help:

Assessment of Your E-D-G-E Strategy-Coaching for your HR Managers
We will help and teach your hiring recruiters how they can conduct case interviews with the edge-crafters effectively.
Consultation in Synchronizing Talents and Organization
We will give consultations on how you can synchronize and utilize the talents of your current employees with other organizations.
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