BE-EDGE to Launch “Becoming a Case Consultant” Program in September

August 18, 2023 

In a dynamic stride towards professional development, BE-EDGE is on the verge of unveiling an exciting new program, “Becoming a Case Consultant.” This revolutionary initiative, designed as an online, self-paced journey, immerses participants in real-world case studies.

BE-EDGE is set to introduce a new program called “Becoming a Case Consultant.” The innovative offering, launching this September, aims to equip participants with essential skills for excelling in the competitive field of case consulting.

Delve into online, self-paced courses featuring real-world case studies for hands-on learning. Gain practical experience and insights as you solve these challenges. Excitingly, each month, the best work will be chosen, with the selected work showcased to clients. Elevate your skills, build a robust portfolio, and embrace growth.

Stay tuned for the launch of this exciting program we have for you!

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