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BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon

March 26-28, 2021

BE-EDGE is so excited to be bringing Julia Ivy’s method to life in a vibrant and dynamic environment like a Consult-a-thon. Our personal strategy instrument is designed for the synchronization of businesses and talents, with the four types of strategies at the forefront. The opportunity to adapt our tool in the effort to create connection in this  neighborhood is what we are passionate about.

The New Urban Mechanics office is taking on facilitating the connection between companies and millennials and hosting of the workshop.” Our office was formed in 2010 as the Mayor’s civic research and design team (one of the first in the nation). We explore and tackle experiments and prototypes that cover a range of topics. This includes everything from the future of mobility to City infrastructure to collective well-being.” ( City of Boston, New Urban Mechanics)

The Inspiration:

“Enabling our city to thrive over the coming generations and expanding access to opportunity requires innovative ideas and initiatives… As it has throughout its history, Boston will be a “City of Ideas,” generating creative responses to challenges. Imagine Boston 2030 draws from this history of leadership and ingenuity to invite Bostonians to shape our future.”

Imagine Boston 2030

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Owner: Fernando Rosas


East Boston is a neighborhood of the City of Boston, defined by two factors:

Ethnic and Economic DIVERSITY
East Boston is a majority-minority community with a distinct presence of Latino residents and immigrant-owned and ethnic local businesses. COVID heavily hit East Boston and the Latino population. Ethnic businesses need to explore new business opportunities and reach out to new customer groups.
East Boston attracts a constantly growing community of well-educated Millennials due to its proximity to the city center, public transportation, and scenic views. Millennials are the most educated while the least employed generation. Millennials are known for digital intelligence, design thinking, the multidimensional profile of professional skills and interests, and passion for diversity, equity, and impact.
While these two groups of local residents love East Boston, they barely interact with each other.
2021 BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon aimed to connect these “unlikely partners” at personal, social, and professional levels, as well as at the level of shared joy.

What’s in it for volunteering Case Consultants?

Educated Millennials worked with an immigrant-run local organization that needed their help for a post-COVID recovery.  Together, they made East Boston a better place to live and work.
They performed a Consulting Case for a business challenge relevant to their interests, learning a new for them industry, exploring social entrepreneurship, and therefore crafting the edge of their personal strategy.

What’s in it for business partners as Case Clients?

Sharing the challenge that the business owners are struggling with those who care, and learning how the challenge can be solved. 
Connecting personally and professionally with driven and educated people from around the world. 

What’s in it for the Community and City?

For the COMMUNITY of East Boston
Investing in an inclusive economy. Synchronizing the personal passions and professional interests of East Boston’s residents. Enriching diversity and vibrancy of local businesses. Extending a ‘blanket of love.”
The project directly contributes to the goal of “Enhance Neighborhoods”, indicated as one of the three areas of growth and enhancement. Specifically, the project contributes to the following: “Improvement of the public realm and contextually sensitive development, paired with anti-displacement policies, will improve neighborhood vitality, services, and affordability while affirming each neighborhood’s distinct identity” (page 24). The project will not only contribute to this effort but also provide a collection of inspirational real-life stories (cases)  about cooperation between ethnic communities and Millennials for a better Boston

HOW THE CONNECTION HAPPENED: Four Levels of Synchronization

The project is based on the BE-EDGE Method, developed by Dr. Julia Ivy with the goal to synchronize the strong potential and personal drive of educated Millennials with the needs of communities and business strategies of local companies

Friday Evening: Synchronization at the personal level of “what is here for me?” “Our Team.” You choose the team to work on a challenge that is meaningful for you
Saturday Morning: Synchronization at the social level. “Our Company.” You listen, learn, and connect to the company
Saturday Afternoon: Synchronization at the professional level. “Our Solution for Our Company”. You will work in your teams with a case coach to create an actionable solution
Saturday Late Afternoon: Consulting teams will get a hands-on training from industry experts in pitching a solution
Sunday Morning: Synchronization at the “we did t” level of achievement. “Our Competitive EDGE.” Teams pitch to industry experts and mentors
Sunday Noon:
Award ceremony. Meeting with mentors. Close of Consult-a-thon
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