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Do you desire to have a US-based company consulting experience?

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WHAT IS Becoming Consultant?

Becoming Consultant is a “mini” Consult-a-thon™ virtual event that connects efforts of diverse talent and skills to solve a real company challenge while making an impact to the employers.

While our BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon™ lasts for two weekends, Becoming Consultant is a self-paced consulting program. 


Becoming Consultant is perfect for current or past students and graduates, career-shifting professionals, international talents seeking US-company experience, and professionals seeking consulting experience.

No matter what industry you come from, as long as you have the passion to solve a real company challenge, you are welcome to join.


Entirely Self-Paced; or In Groups
Becoming Consultant is free to do on your own whenever you want. But if you’d like to be in groups, …. This will be held on weekdays for 3 consecutive evenings. See schedule below. 
Practice & Solving A Consulting Case
You will become a Case Consultant and collaborate intensively on case clients’ business challenges relevant to each own career aspirations.
Certifications from Case Clients and BE-EDGE
These certifications will certainly nourish you with all the skills required to be a professional/experienced solution-provider or consultant.


  • Knowledge and experience of working as a consultant for US-based NGO, government organization, SME and enterprise
  • Solution-providing experience
  • Certifications
  • Enhance soft skills on teamwork with other problem-solvers
  • KPI’s for your resume


Prep work Prep workPrep work


Signing in to the course at the “Learning Worlds” 

Watching two 10-min videos:

  • Intro to BE-EDGE for career-focused Case Consulting 
  • Intro to “E” stage in BE-EDGE 

Reading the COMPANY CASE (1-3 pages)

Watching two 10-min videos: 

  • Intro to “D” stage in BE-EDGE
  • Intro to “G” stage in BE-EDGE

Watching two 10-min videos: 

  • Intro to the “E” stage in BE-EDGE
  • Overview of BE-stage in BE-EDGE
Tuesday: 5:30 pm – 8:30pmWednesday: 5:30pm -8:30pmThursday: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

5:30pm: Introduction

BE-EDGE and how it works

5:30pm: D-stage 

Teamwork “What does this CASE really mean for connecting with the Case Client’s context?

5:30pm: E-stage

Finalizing the message. Synchronizing with own “my core & my goals” 

6:30pm: E-stage.

“Meeting” the clients. Making your choice of the challenge you want to work on

6:30pm: G-stage

Teamwork “Connecting the dots” for value generation

7:00pm: E-stage

Recording the message for Case Client

7:30pm: Meeting your team. Sharing “my core & my goals” 

7:30pm: G-Stage to E-stage

Teamwork “Sharpening the message”

8:00pm: BE-stage

What’s next? This experience as a stepping stone in your journey.  

8:30pm: End of the day

Receiving your Case Client’s CASE

8:30pm: End of the day

Reminding on the Case Client’s expectations

8:30pm: End of the official part of Becoming Consultant experience


Select the best choice for you


  • Self-paced BE-Consultant


  • BE-Consultant
  • 1 month Becoming EDGE Club access 


Can I join even without consulting experience?

Do I get to choose the Case Client or company I want to work for?

Is Becoming Consultant exclusive for Becoming EDGE Club members only?

What’s the difference between Becoming Consultant and BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon?

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