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As an educator, the BE-EDGE framework can help you:

E: Elucidate an Edge-Crafter’s Core
You guide the edge-crafters in sharpening their personal strategies to let them discover their own unique edges, which they can use to be successful in the professional space.
D: Develop an Edge-Crafter’s Social Strategies
You help the edge-crafters with how they can connect with companies, organizations, and employers through the case method.
G: Generate an Edge-Crafter’s Professional Strategies
You help the edge-crafters solidify their value propositions as they generate their case consultations and give value to their chosen employers.
E: Excite Employers
You assist employers in effectively evaluating the edge-crafters’ value propositions to find the perfect person for their company.

If you’re an educator, here’s how we can help:

BE-EDGE Case-Coaching Workshop
We will conduct workshops on how you can use the BE-EDGE framework and case method as instruments for your graduates’ employability and employer engagement.
'Making a Case' Consultations
We will give you consultations on internships and capstone courses of your graduates, and lend you a hand for your “Making a Case” initiatives.
Consultation for Accommodating Multidimensional Talents
If you do not know how you can accommodate and help multidimensional and established professionals, such as veterans, career changers, and retirees, we will guide you on how you can effectively employ BE-EDGE strategies for them.
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