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As an edge-crafter, the BE-EDGE framework can help you:

E: Elucidate Your Core
This level focuses on your personal strategy to assess your own capabilities and weaknesses. You determine and list down your multidimensional capabilities, then you choose an employer whom you can use these capabilities with to solve their current problems or difficulties.
D: Develop Trust
This level focuses on your social strategy with your employer to develop trust and make professional and personal connections through your case method. 
G: Generate Value
This level focuses on your professional strategy to generate value for your chosen employer. Your case consultation will measure your capability to analyze their current difficulties and generate long-lasting solutions to cure the root cause of their problems.
E: Excite The Professional Landscape
This level focuses on your ‘impression’ strategy to excite the market because of the value that you can generate in the industry. Your ability to excite the market can help you look for perfect employers easily who match your core and capabilities.

If you want to be an edge-crafter, here’s how we can help:

Assessment of Your E-D-G-E Strategies
Get professional advice in solidifying your core and value proposition as you establish your edge with your chosen companies.
Personal and Group Case Coaching
We’ll help you get better at conducting case consultations to guide you in dealing with company problems and thinking of effective and long-lasting solutions.


Connect with other edge-crafters
Becoming EDGE Club

Connect with your fellow edge-crafters who come from different countries and fields of profession, join events and talks exclusive only to this community, and build relationships with potential employers and like-minded individuals — all in one place, one community.

Gain experience & meet employers

BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon is held annually to help edge-crafters connect with potential employers who have real-time challenges to work on and are open to cooperation and potential employment. 

Sharpen your skills for employability freedom
BE-EDGE Institute

From using your multidimensional capabilities to giving value to businesses, let BE-EDGE help you break through the international market and land a career successfully.

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