BE-EDGE “Impact” Consult-a-thon Connects 12 Edge-Crafters from Five Countries to Transform Social Mission Companies

June 2-5, 2023 (1st weekend) | Hybrid

The BE-EDGE “Impact” Consult-a-thon has just concluded this weekend, and it was an absolute blast! This thrilling event brought together 12 incredibly talented edge-crafters from five countries, including Ukraine. These brilliant minds united to synchronize their expertise and make a remarkable impact on three socially-driven companies. Stay tuned as we unveil the incredible outcomes of this groundbreaking collaboration!

The highly anticipated BE-EDGE “Impact” Consult-a-thon kicked off on June 2, bringing together 12 talented edge-crafters from five different countries, including Ukraine. This groundbreaking event aims to foster collaboration and leverage expertise from around the world to drive positive change within three remarkable companies dedicated to social missions.


The BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon, held over the course of the first weekend from June 2 to June 5, offers an unparalleled opportunity for edge-crafters to synchronize their skills with three major social mission companies. These enterprises, all recognized for their significant contributions to society, have joined forces with BE-EDGE to benefit from the diverse knowledge and expertise of the participating edge-crafters.


With backgrounds ranging from business development to marketing and strategy, the 12 edge-crafters are poised to make a lasting impact on these companies and their respective missions. Drawing from their experiences in Ukraine and other countries, the international consultants will bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to enhance the companies’ social initiatives within the United States.


The selection process, carefully designed by BE-EDGE, ensured that each edge-crafter was paired with a company that aligned with their specific areas of expertise and passion. Through this strategic matching, the consult-a-thon aims to maximize the potential for transformative change within the companies’ social missions.


“BE-EDGE believes in the power of cross-border collaboration to drive social impact,” said Dr. Julia Ivy, the founder of BE-EDGE. “By bringing together a diverse group of talented edge-crafters from different countries, we are harnessing the collective strength of their expertise to help these remarkable companies achieve their social goals.”


The BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon promises to be an intensive and immersive experience, featuring a series of workshops, brainstorming sessions, and one-on-one consultations. The edge-crafters will work closely with company representatives, exchanging ideas and devising innovative strategies to propel their social missions forward.



Throughout the weekend, the event generated a dynamic environment where participants can engage in stimulating discussions, build lasting connections, and collaborate on groundbreaking initiatives. The culmination of this event will mark the beginning of a new chapter for the three selected companies, poised to benefit from the fresh insights and global perspectives of the edge-crafters.


As the BE-EDGE “Impact” Consult-a-thon unfolds, it promises to demonstrate the transformative power of international collaboration in advancing social missions. With the combined efforts of the edge-crafters from five countries, including Ukraine, and their host companies in America, this consult-a-thon sets the stage for groundbreaking solutions and positive change on a global scale.


Looking for an opportunity to unleash your skills and make a lasting difference? Join our next event to drive social impact through the BE-EDGE “Impact” Consult-a-thon! Stay tuned for the upcoming events!

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