Keynote Speaking by Julia Ivy on Market Entry Personal Strategy

August 29, 2023 

In a groundbreaking keynote address set to resonate on September 9 at Northeastern University, renowned executive professor Julia Ivy will unveil a strategic paradigm shift for student career growth. 

Dr. Julia Icy - Course Creator of BCC

Esteemed executive professor Julia Ivy, an authority in strategy and international business, is set to deliver a keynote on September 9 at Northeastern University.

Geared towards upcoming master’s students, the keynote will focus on unlocking the potential of education as a strategic investment for boutique employability. Dr. Ivy will share her concept of Market Entry Personal Strategy, revealing four distinct types of strategies and demonstrating how students can excel within each of them. Professor Ivy’s insights will guide students in aligning their academic pursuits with career aspirations, offering a roadmap for leveraging their education for long-term success in a dynamic job market.

The event holds promise as an inspiring and transformative experience, equipping students with the tools they need to proactively shape their professional journey.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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