Connecting Unlikely Partners: International Students & Local Community

Dr. Julia Ivy was invited once again as a keynote speaker in Waikoloa, Hawaii for two conferences that took place- the Western Casewriter Association Conference and Western Academy of Management. Four brilliant and talented CASE CONSULTANTS joined her to present their respective case studies- all developed through the BE-EDGE method. 

WAM Hawaii conference

Last March 2022, there were two conferences in Hawaii that were offered side to side: The Western Casewriter Association Conference and the Western Academy of Management. At the WCA, Dr. Julia Ivy presented 4 consulting cases, 3 of which were written by Case Consultants of our “Invest” BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon: Case Consultants- Dana Bogatko, Zinaida Dvoskina, Alix Crichton, and Rutvi Shah, selected markets and industries of their career interests and conducted Consulting Cases as stepping stones in their “crafting your edge” strategy. The companies were: Budweiser (USA), Air Fresco (Spain) and Biziverse Pvt. Ltd. (India).


The fourth case “Stakeholder analysis and diversity for post-pandemic recovery: The case of East Boston” was written by Dr. Julia Ivy and Dana Bogatko. The “Air Fresco” Consulting Case has received a “Best Mentoring Case” Award.


Dr. Julia Ivy was invited to be a keynote speaker on the topic “Growing a Community of Case Writers through Stakeholder Engagement”. Then at the Western Academy of Management, she has led the “Connecting Unlikely Partners” workshop for university professors and administrators. During the workshop, participants were given the opportunity to learn from others experience of running such a project.


Interested participants may learn more about the upcoming BE-EDGE Consult-A-Thon with Dr. Ivy

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